Donna DeVarona

President. Damar Productions.
Jay Lyons is the very best at his work. He is cutting edge, kind and professional. Please seek him out if you need help with fitness, recovery and just good plain health advice!


New Business Development at Orca Communications. Austin, Texas.
Jay is a miracle worker! After my first session, I felt stronger, more flexible and empowered to stretch on my own. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Jay’s knowledge and services!

Josh Vinyard

Entertainment Specialist. Austin, Texas.
When I initially met Jay, I was amazed and baffled by how much he was able to teach me about my body. Particularly astonishing was his ability to identify what was causing pain by only observing how you walked. For nearly 6 months I worked withJay learning how to heal and maintain my body, allowing me to advance myself as a professional entertainer and stunt man for movies. What Jay offers goes beyond a personal trainer, physical therapist and a life coach all combined. Only hire him if you are ready to expect results.

Carl Bonn

Owner. Hill Country Retirement Planning. Dripping Springs, Texas.
Jay is very helpful in solving my physical therapy/stretching needs. He truly knows how to find and solve issues never before identified by other health care providers. He comes with the highest recommendation I can give. He will only help you solve your aches and pains and teach you how to self stretch and find other tools to keep on track.

Bruce Wayne Meleski, PhD

Sleep Consultant and Brain Wave Guru. Austin. Texas.
Jay is passionate about his work and listens to my needs to provide superlative service. I highly recommend Jay.


Graduate Teaching Assistant at The University of Texas at Austin.
Jays work has helped me reach a new level in my collegiate and professional swimming career. Unlike trainers and physical therapists, Jays’ work helps you reach the results you want quicker while helping you understand how your body and mind work.

Sheryl Simpson

Owner/Operator at Pasta & Co. Austin, Texas.
Personable & professional.and recommended by athletes in many disciplines!

Linda Gomez-Whitener

President at Gomez Floor Covering, Inc. San Antonio, Texas.
Jay is most definitely an expert in his field. He stays informed of new treatments and is always willing to try whatever he feels will help his client. I highly recommend his services.

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Jay uses a stretching technique created by Bob Cooley. We met in several of Bob's classes, where Jay was a trainer. What stands out is that Jay help me start to listen to my body and use that to improve the quality of my training spectularly. Thanks to Jay I have gone on to do various modalities of self healing, which cannot happen if you do not aware of your own body. The stretching technique is great too.

Jay is passionate about his work and listens to my needs to provide superlative service. I highly recommend Jay.

Jay Lyons is an amazingly intelligent and capable professional. I work with a variety of technical staff and Jay is by far the most knowledgeable campus Management Assistant / IT Specialist I have ever encountered. He is organized, thorough, efficient, and an excellent communicator. I would highly recommend Jay because he will strengthen and improve any organization he joins.

Jay is a miracle worker! After my first session, I felt stronger, more flexible and empowered to stretch on my own. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from Jay's knowledge and services!

Jay Knows his stuff! Whether you are a beginner, just trying to get yourself back into the groove of being fit, an expert at fitness, or even a skilled athlete, Jay and his Full Body Stretch system can get you up and running in a way that will keep you up and running with fewer or no injuries. Learning to do it the right way, is worth learning, and Jay can show you the right way to Full Body Stretch today!

Hi Jay,
I wanted to thank you again for a great session.  I woke up the next day with just a bit of muscle soreness, but a lack of the tension in my hamstrings and lower back that I've come to accept as part of the aging process.  I love it!  Now, my mission is to attempt to keep those muscles relatively stretched so that I don't have to fly to Austin every week to see you.  I also enjoyed our chat.  An unexpected benefit.  
Please keep me on your mailing list for your upcoming travels, as I have clients and friends in some of the cities you mentioned.  And, I'll look forward to seeing you again when I come to Austin again. 
Take care,

Hey jay
Thank you for assisting me
I was definitely exhausted all yesterday but feel good today - drank probably 1-2 gallons of water and ate great
Emotionally I was really raw and vulnerable and it was a little tricky being around my "everything's wonderful all the time parents" but I feel deeper and more dug out. Gonna unpack some sh*t in the next few days I can feel it. Physically I feel good. A little high and my legs are lighter. 
Thank u for sharing your gift with me

Jay, I enjoyed meeting and working with you. The body feels great. I’m reading The Genius of Flexibility now and practicing those three stretches you recommended. KDS

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