Body in Concert


BIC established by Jay Lyons in 2007 is a Flexibility Strength Training Studio located in Austin, Texas. I experienced numerous modalities of bodywork during a 20-year quest to be pain free after a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life. Nothing provided more than temporary relief until I came across the The Resistance Stretching system created by Bob Cooley and outlined in his book, The Genius of Flexibility. I now assist others to achieve the same wellness that I enjoy and have continued my training at each of Bobs studios in New York City, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Boston.

My goal is to help you:

Recover and Rejuvenate
Upgrade Health and Performance
Address and Heal Age Old Injuries
Build Strength and True Flexibility
Alleviate Stiffness and Pain
Maximize Movement Potential
Practice Self Sustaining Strategies